Level 7 - Qura'anic Studies Program - Weekend Classes

  • 05 Sep 2015
  • 11:00 AM
  • 5060 Canada Way, Burnaby

Level 7- Qura’anic Studies program

The Weekend Islamic School at Masjid Al-Salaam is pleased to introduce the new Level-7 Qur’anic Studies program with Br.Faisal Nahri on Saturdays, 11–12:30pm.

The program is the first of three phases of Qur’anic study in which the students will cover the first 8 sūrahs, approximately 10 juz’ of Qur’an in the academic year 2015–16. The program entails active participation and research by students, not one-sided instruction by the facilitator. Students will study the selection of verses ahead of the weekly class and share their observations and/or questions when the group meets. The course is aimed at enabling the students to develop a personal relationship with Qur’an that would last them through the thick and thin of their lives.

Alongside addressing the observations of the students, the facilitator will make sure to discuss the structure of Qur’anic sūrahs, meanings and major themes. Over the course of study, it is hoped that the student will develop a good sense of a variety of Qur’anic concerns, including:

  • ·         Qur’anic introduction and invitation to God, oneness of the creator
  • ·         Living an ethical life, the prospect of God’s judgment
  • ·         Spiritual and behavioral expectations from the individual and the society
  • ·         Khilāfah, or human custodianship of God’s universe, a believer’s responsibility towards fellow human beings, animals, plant life and the environment
  • ·         How Qur’an justifies belief in the “unseen” God, angels, and the afterlife
  • ·         Qur’anic critique of socially-created religious notions
  • ·         The universal and the contingent in Qur’an, the absolute vs the relative
  • ·         Key Qur’anic concepts, persons and places, prophets and scriptures

The instructor, Faisal Nahri has been teaching Arabic and facilitating Qur’an study in academic and community settings for several years. He has a master’s in Islamic studies from a prestigious Malaysian university, and is currently a graduate student in Western religious traditions at UBC. He knows Arabic and Hebrew, in addition to English.

We invite you to have your children who have passed level 6 to be registered for the wonderful opportunity to study Qur’an with our engaging and friendly instructor. One time non-refundable registration fee for new students is $10.00. Monthly fee is $50, which includes handouts and other course material. However, students will be expected to bring their own translation/commentary of Qur’an. The spots are limited, so hurry up. The program is starting from September 5th 2015.

Registration is going on in the school office during school hours. You can book your seat by sending email to Sister Nuzhat on the following e-address.


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