Masjid al-Salaam Annual Walkathon

  • 24 Jul 2011
  • 10:00 AM - 3:59 PM
  • Masjid al-Salaam & Education Center - Deer Lake Park


  • Sponsor a participant (a walker, a runner or a wheelchair user)

Registration is closed
A walkathon (walk-a-thon), walking marathon or sponsored walk is a type of community or school fundraiser in which participants raise money by collecting donations or pledges for walking a predetermined distance or course. They are similar in format to other physical activity based fundraising events such as marathons and cycling races, but are usually non-competitive and lower intensity. The low intensity model is ideal for mobilizing broad-based community support for, and as a result Walkathons usually target participants from a wide range of ages and economic backgrounds.
  • Register yourself and try to get several other people to register with you before you announce you have a team. The fact that you can say you already have some people signed up will probably get people excited and they'll want to join in on the fun.
  • Create a name for your team. Ask teammates for their input to get a great name for your team.
  • Set a team fund-raising goal. Have a chart where everyone can see it, or send out e-mail updates on everyone's progress.
  • Encourage friendly challenges between people to reach fund-raising goals. If you are doing this as a family, it could be adults vs. children; a corporate team could be department vs. department.
  • Arrange some prizes for targets reached. Have some of the prizes be not just for fund-raising goals, but for efforts being made. Examples of things to reward could be for sending out the most letters or emails to try to raise funds, or making the most telephone calls.
  • Create some weekly or bi-weekly walking dates where everyone can get together and take a walk. This is great exercise and will get everyone in shape to do the walk.

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