Fundraising Dinner

  • 26 Nov 2011
  • 6:00 PM - 10:00 PM
  • Masjid Al Salaam & Education Centre

2011 Fund Raising Dinner - Flyer

Ticket Cost Adult: $20 per person

Guest Speaker: Dr. Imam Zijad Delic

Imam Dr. Zijad Delic, 41, was born in Bosnia. He is a formally trained Imam and holds a PhD from Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. His Doctoral thesis focused on tasks and activities relevant to building bridges between the Canadian Muslim community and mainstream Canadian society, in hopes of creating more cohesive cooperation among all Canadians.

From 1995 – 2006, Dr. Delic held a range of leadership positions within the BC Muslim Association.


For the past six years, he has also worked extensively as a consultant to all three levels of government, as well as to a number of NGOs (non-governmental organizations).


In December 2005, he was selected by Simon Fraser University and the Canadian Embassy in Berlin to present a series of lectures on Canada's Religious, Cultural and National Communities at Humboldt University, Berlin, Germany. This experience gave him a deeper insight into current needs, issues and developments that affect all Muslims living in the West.


In addition to his formal academic endeavors and a longstanding personal interest in emerging issues of the Canadian and global Muslim communities, Dr. Delic has invested much of his career energy in researching how Muslims can integrate more successfully into the Canadian context. He envisions the building of a new Canadian Muslim culture with an even greater collective potential for making positive social, cultural and professional contributions to the national fabric of the country while remaining faithful to the formative principles of Islam.


Dr. Delic has been invited to lecture on themes of Islam, leadership and educational issues at a number of BC universities and colleges; he has also presented lectures and workshops to various governmental agencies, written articles for BC newspapers, and been a regular guest on Canadian TV and radio shows. His energy and versatility on behalf of BC Muslims has earned Dr. Zijad Delic the compliment of being called “The People’s Imam.”


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